The University Vice Presidency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research is one of the Vice Presidencies of King Abdulaziz University, which seeks with its responsibilities to develop the system of graduate studies and scientific research, knowledge exchange and technology transfer at the university. It stipulates that the university be a beacon of knowledge, and that it achieve integration in training in terms of professional proficiency and excellence in skills through developing scientific research and creating a stimulating environment for it, developing scientific research, activating graduate studies programs and supervising the establishment of specialized scientific conferences to enrich scientific research and communicate with experts In various scientific fields and holding many scientific agreements with distinguished scientific institutions at home and abroad, and to be a leader in development in terms of innovation, excellence, diversity, and scientific and research communication to serve the community. All this in order to raise the scientific and research level of the university to become one of the leading international universities.

The Vice Presidency for Graduate Studies at King Abdulaziz University also seeks to achieve the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia "2030", which aspires to build a knowledge economy based on development and innovation, supported by scientific research, and in an effort to enhance the university's regional and global position.

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